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Natural Carpets

Alternative flooring stand

At Matt Stephens Carpets And Flooring we love everything natural when it comes to carpets. Visit our Alternative flooring stand for plant fibre carpets such as: 





Or view many of our wool stands where you'll find outstanding performance and great looks. Focusing on mainly British and new Zealand wool we have wool ranges for most budgets. 

Our fitters, Matt and Jake  are trained in natural floor coverings by FITA so you have you the reassurance your new flooring will be fitted to the highest standard

Wool Fibre


Wool carpets are the most popular Of The natural fibre carpets and with good reason. 

Wool has been used in carpets for many, many years and is the go to fibre when wanting a hard wearing, long lasting appearance, easy to maintain carpet. 

Wool is used in most commercial projects where the flooring is subject to high traffic. 

Why British wool - 

  • It is of LOW LUSTRE, HIGHLY CRIMPED and prized as having more BULK and RESILIENCE than most other carpet wool.
  • It is EASILY MAINTAINED, RESISTS SOILING, repels surface spills and responds well to cleaning.
  • It REPRODUCES COLOUR well and ensures the very best clarity and definition of design.
  • It is ecologically advantageous, GROWN NATURALLY from a RENEWABLE SOURCE and completely RECYCLABLE and BIODEGRADABLE.
  • It promotes COMFORT and WELL BEING, with insulation properties, which reduce noise, heat loss, condensation and improves indoor air quality



Full of natural goodness, coir comes crafted from Indian coconut husk fibres softened in sea water. Hearty and homely, rich and resilient, coir is husky, fibrous and tactile. Lay it wall-to-wall for a golden, multi-hued sense of wellbeing or have made into a bespoke rug.

Not as hardy as sisal but still OK for most rooms in the home 



Possibly the best looking Of The plant fibres sisal really brings the wow Factor to your home, With many designs available.

Sisal's serenity blows in like a breeze off the Mexican Gulf. versatile and hardwearing, it's ideal for halls and as stair carpet. Chunky sisals glow with multi-hued depth. Fine sisal is intricate and softly tactile. Also perfect as a bespoke sisal rug or runner.

Suitable for most areas Of The home 



Grown in coastal meadows on the banks of Vietnamese rivers, Seagrass is as textural and tropical as it gets. Effortlessly uplifting in relaxing rooms, seagrass weaves light into everyday life. More cost effective than sisal seagrass is Suitable for lighter traffic areas such as bedrooms.



Another popular choice, Jute is hand-harvested from the tiliaceae plant  and is very fine to touch. Jute is suitable for lighter traffic areas, such as bedrooms and relaxing rooms.